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Slow Living Styled Shoot
May 11, 2018
Andrea + Chris
March 12, 2019
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It has taken me a long time to finally commit to doing a boudoir shoot. I have struggled a lot in my life with loving myself and my body as most women have. Upon launching my business I always knew that I wanted to have female empowerment be a part of my brand. I wanted to showcase the female body and use my tiny voice to let women know they are beautiful, no matter what shape and size. After being a part of multiple boudoir shoots and finally getting up the gusto, I decided to do one myself. I figured it is hard to speak of self love without actually taking a part in a shoot like this myself. Scarlet is the only person I would ask to do this shoot with me. She is a close friend and there is no one out there that could make me feel as comfortable as she did. Having her pregnant belly over me as she shot from above will always be a fun memory. I have gotten my hair and makeup done a handful of times but never have I felt this great thanks to Maya Goldenberg. Truth is I left this shoot and accidentally rolled my car into a brand new Mercedes scratching his bumper. He got out of the car, looked at me and said “It’s alright don’t worry about it.” I think I have Maya to thank for this for making me look so good lol. The Broadview Hotel was kind enough to lend us a room. Their stunning mauve floral wallpaper is what my dreams are made of and the lighting was impeccable. The lingerie is all courtesy of Stole My Heart. I have tried on dozens of pieces in my life but never has one made me feel as good as this one piece does.