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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018
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I don’t really know where to start on this one… I think the story begins with Marta who was Hillary’s maid of honour. I did the florals for Marta’s Wedding before Hunt and Gather began. She was a designer who came in with three Pantone shades for her floral inspiration yet understood how difficult this would be to achieve as a florist. I loved them (her and mike), they were some of my fave clients. I always remember looking at their photos and thinking about how hip their wedding party was. Little did I know, one of her bridesmaids would soon be a future client of mine.

After Hillary booked Hunt and Gather as her florist, she and Marta took our workshop where we hung out and chatted as friends. Creating relationships like this is a huge reason I love what I do.

Hillary’s bridesmaids were some of the most fashionable ladies of the season. I think my fave wedding photo is the one where mike is blocking the champagne from Marta’s face. Huge props to my girl Scarlet O’Neill for capturing this incredible moment. I also need to talk about Hillary’s badass boots, jacket, hair and dress. Damn girl, you killed it.

Hillary and Graeme were married at Hotel Ocho where we strung handmade garland through string lights. Seeing as Grame works for one of my fave Ontario breweries Collective Arts, their guests took home custom labeled delicious beer.