Liz + Kobi

Laura + Michael
February 4, 2018
Jessica + David
February 5, 2018
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This wedding makes me reaaaal happy. I feel like Alex from Blush & Bowties and I are telepathic when it comes to making some seriously pretty weddings come together. She always knows how to pair the right amount of boho with modern and whimsy. Can we talk about the furniture rentals for a second? On top of all that, I think this is definitely my favourite hanging arch that I have done. I just love the asymmetry and how airy it feels in the lofty ceilings at The Burroughes. Another thing that is near and dear to my heart are the mixed antique brass containers that my mom and I have been collecting throughout the years. And… what pairs better with antique brass than a fruit tablescape. When making wedding magic happen, the most important thing is to have a talented photographer and I am so grateful that Christine Lim came along with us for the ride. The way she captures the golden tones with lighting makes my heart skip a beat. Can’t wait until summer 18′ to share what Alex & I have up our sleeves!