Cathie’s Maternity Shoot

Colette Engagement Brunch
November 7, 2017
Thandi + Christian
January 3, 2018
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Sometimes in life, big things change. Those kinds of times where you can see your life, as well as the lives of your friends enter a new chapter. Maybe it is just what it is like to be in your twenties, where we are on the brink of changing from young adults, to real ass adults. It’s scary! If I think back two years ago, we were all young, care free, finally settled into our long term jobs and just living life. Drinking in Trinity Bellwoods until dark, dancing on tables at dive bars and doubling home on a bicycle at 2am all seem like such distant memories. Now our evenings are consumed with sorting business expenses, picking out new furniture for our homes or painting baby rooms. But the funny thing is, we are all ready. We have lived our lives to the fullest up to this point and feel satisfied knowing that although one (crazy fun) chapter is coming to an end, a really great one is about to begin.

This shoot is very very special to me. Cathie is the first close friend of mine to be pregnant. As a surprise for her baby shower gift Scarlet O’Neill, Sarah (By Catalfo) and I teamed up to make this maternity shoot happen. I am so very blessed to have such talented kind hearted people in my life like Scarlet. The idea that we were able to give Cathie something for to always remember this special time truly means the world to me.

As I sit here pouring through these images, looking at that baby belly, I keep thinking about meeting this sweet baby girl. How if she is anything like her ma and pop that she is going to be the most intelligent, hard working, kind hearted and beautiful person I will meet. I think about all of the life lessons I will teach her and how she will quickly learn how to process flowers and wash buckets. I dream of the flower garden we will plant together on her parent’s orchard where she will learn latin names and how to cut flowers for longer vase life. I can go on forever but for now, I am so exited to meet you Saoirse Murphy!