Tina + David

Autumn Beauty
September 20, 2017
Mimi + David
November 5, 2017
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I believe it is a common misconception that I only dwell in dark and moody floral palettes. Truth is I love colour! I love studying which colour leads to the next and pairing blooms based small details (like a brown stamen leading into a brown lisianthus). Tina was such a kind hearted gal, flowers truly made her smile and get all giddy. Her only direction was “all shades of pink leading into red” which gave us a lot of room to play. I think it is so important to allow a lot of wiggle room when it comes to deciding a colour palette for your florals. Sometimes the most beautiful special shade will come in and tie everything together unexpectedly. Tina & David’s wedding was held at the lovely industrial Spoke Club which has a killer rooftop patio. Callum Pinkney¬†took some truly magical photos that really make the warm florals glow.