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November 5, 2017
Hunt and Gather x H&M x Erdem
November 5, 2017
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I tend to use this blog as an extension of my portfolio but I decided to get a little personal here. One of my very best friends is about to burst! This is my first true close friend that is having a baby and it is the first time that I am with someone through all of the juicy (and weird) details of pregnancy. Watching her belly grow each week and finding out what kind of fruit mimics the baby’s size best is the highlight of my life. It is so crazy to think that soon enough, there is going to be a little mini best friend that comes out. How cool is that? Cathie and Jeremy are hands down going to be some of the best parents around. I think a lot of people at my age think that their lives will be thrown upside down with a baby or that things will never be the same. Cathie and Jeremy on the other hand plan to continue to live their lives the way it is now, and bring the baby along for all of the adventures. Whether it is picking apples to make cider (with a baby backpack and helmet for safety) or having a few beers in the park (maybe she will take over throwing Olive’s ball), this baby is just going to enrich our lives, not limit them. Gahhhh I cannot wait baby Saoirse, Auntie Tellie is going to spoil you rotten!

A huge thank you to some incredible people who made this shower happen. Sarah Elhamzawi, our hostess with the mostest. Mama Mary Murphy, the only woman who could whip up a Pavlova in 3 minutes. Alyssa Garrison of Random Acts of Pastel for her ultimate pastel party planning services. Jo Martin for these amazing photos. Amanda from Witch in The Wild for the little witchy touches, fun games and organic tonics. And finally Sorelle and Co. for this dreamy gluten free, soy free, nut free and vegan cake!