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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017
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Where do I even start about our first ever destination wedding in Brooklyn New York!

Four years ago, I took a wedding masters class at Saipua and met my closest floral pal Floralista from British Columbia (who also snapped all of the photos seen below). She commented on my Instagram saying she was also taking the class, one thing lead to another and we ended up splitting a flat and taking yearly vacations ever since. If you were to tell me that within four years time I would own a business and be executing a wedding in the U.S of A, I would have told you that you were insane. But it happened and my girl Alice (Floralista) was right there by my side (along with my main man and all star employee Kaylan).

I think it is so important to set goals for yourself in your career and in life in general. Never stop trying to reach those goals and great things will come to you. Executing a destination wedding has been on my bucket list for years. Since I took the masters class in New York and had visited the flower market thoroughly, this was the perfect place to dip my toe in the water. With an Airbnb fully loaded with two air conditioning units, we were set to execute the biggest wedding of my career.

Monique was my dream bride. Her trust in my creativity and kind welcoming arms made me feel right at home. She allowed us to flex our little florist arms and create a dreamy palette that got our hearts beating. The Foundry was also a dream to work with. This greenhouse/industrial space was everything I could have hoped for and truly felt like New York. Did you know Jessa from Girls got married there? I know right?

My crew was unstoppable. Alice and I are like two peas in a pod when we design together. Although our styles are slightly different, they go together like peanut butter and jelly, the true ying to my yang. We may live on opposite sides of the country but our friendship and floral hustle is on lockdown.

My main man Dylan killed it at being a Jr. florist. Amongst many mundane things, his tasks included, filling the bathtub with water for flowers, making a “cooler” out of nothing, renting a bike to collect all of New York’s finest sour and saison beers, going on fruit runs to accent the centrepieces, researching all of the best restaurants (and bringing the food to us when we were to busy to eat), creating the most perfect chicken wire “spheres” and much much more.

Last but not least we have my girl Kaylan. Life threw her some lemons while we were on this trip and never in my life have I seen a girl so tough, dedicated and passionate. I truly believe this trip made us like family. Sometimes getting through some tough shit and working your lady balls off, bring people closer than ever.

And so we did it, as a matter of fact we killed it. Our first ever destination wedding is complete and my heart is so full and I am hungry for the next. If it is true that putting your dreams into the universe makes things come true… Mexico it is you, me and my clippers baby! We are ready for you world.