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April 7, 2017
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April 21, 2017
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How are you? Are you staying dry? I promise the showers will bring May flowers. Summer is finally on the horizon and it is time to reflect on some of the winter’s most romantic weddings.

I truly do love winter weddings, it breaks up the drab weeks and you truly get to focus all of your creative energy on every detail. The only issue is having to put bags over all of the florals to ensure they do not get frotbitten. Picture me and my lady crew, with massive boxes of blooms, covered in garbage bags, wind blowing them off and onto our faces so that we couldn’t see where we were walking…

Lindsay + Andrew got married on probably the coldest day of the year. However, the Love By Lynzie crew transformed The Arcadian Court into a truly warm and cozy romantic space.

Working with Lynzie and her team is always a dream, their creativity and organizational skills never cease to impress. Lynzie knows her clients very well and they always trust her implicitly for all of their styling needs. That being said, I usually do not meet her brides until the wedding day. There is something kind of unique and exciting about meeting the bride on the morning of her wedding day. Every time I do they are ecstatic and blown away that Lynzie & I nailed their blooms to a “T”. Now that is a good planner!

Normally I ask clients who their photographer is before hand but I must have forgot this time. While setting up the centrepieces I asked Lynzie who it was and praise the lords it was Tara McMullen – one of Toronto’s finest. I think I must have said out loud “OMG YASSSSSS”. When you get a “details” album from Tara, there are simply too many to pick from and it can brighten any rainy day like today.

Anyways, very excited to share a few more weddings stay tuned flower friends!